How to Bet Basketball

How to Bet Basketball

Straight Bets
Betting basketball is very similar to betting football. The same type of wagers are offered: straight bet, parlays, teasers and money lines. The odds for straight bets against the point spread are the same 10/11. Basketball is also displayed on the boards in the same manner as football.
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For this example, The Bulls are a 6 pint favorite. The Bulls must win the game by more than 6 points in order to be declared the winner for betting purposes. As an underdog, the Lakers do not have to win the game outright for a wager on them to win. If the Lakers win the game or lose by less than 6 points, they are a betting winner. Games that fall exactly on the point spread (Bulls win by 6) are considered a push and the wager is refunded.

One can also make a straight bet on the total score in a basketball game. An individual would wager whether the final score of both teams combined is over or under the total for that game. Overtimes count for the total. The odds for this type of wager are the same as a straight bet on the team.

Basketball Parlays
Parlay bets are also available in basketball. A parlay is picking several teams and combining them into one bet. A player may bet teams and/or totals in a parlay. All the teams and/or totals in a parlay must cover the point spread in order for the parlay to be a winner. Our payoffs are:
2 Teams      13/5
3 Teams      6/1
4 Teams      11/1
5 Teams      20/1
6 Teams      40/1

As with all winning bets off the board, your bet is refunded in addition to your winning.

Note: Pushes are considered no action in parlays. This means parlays containing pushes are reduced to the number of teams still having action. For example a four team parlay with three winners and a push is reduced to a three team parlay. A two team parlay with one push is reduced to a straight bet on the remaining game.

Basketball Teasers
Teasers are similar to parlays. The difference is the bettor “teases” the point up or down a specified number of points on each game in his bet. In the case of a favorite, the points would be subtracted from the point spread. In the case of an underdog, the points would be added. Here at the Las Vegas Club we offer 4, 4½ , and 5 point teasers for basketball. Teasing the point spreads increases the likelihood that you will win your wager. So in turn the odds for winning are lower than those of a parlay. Our football teaser payoffs are:
4 Points     4½ Points     5 Points
2 Teams      10/11     10/12     10/13
3 Teams      9/5     8/5     3/2
4 Teams      3/1     5/2     2/1
5 Teams      9/2     4/1     7/2
6 Teams      7/1     6/1     5/1

Note: Rules for pushes on teasers are the same for parlays except in one case. If a teaser is reduced to one team because of pushes, the wager is refunded. It doesn’t matter if the remaining team covers the teaser or not.