How to Bet Football

How to Bet Football

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When betting a football game, the most common type of wage is a straight bet against the point spread. One team is designated the favorite and a stipulated margin of victory is established. This stipulated margin of victory is called the point spread. The team that is designated the favorite must win by more than its point spread in order for it to win for betting purposes. The other team is called the underdog. If the underdog wins the game, the game ends in a tie or losses by less than its point spread, it is the winner for betting purposes. In a normal football game the patron bets $11 to win $10. For a winning $11 bet the payback would be $21. This payback consists of the original $11 bet and your $10 winnings. The ratio of 11 to 10 is constant no matter how much the amount bet.

Many football games also offer an over/under or total bet. This bet is on the final score. One would wager whether the combined final scores for both teams is either over or under the posted number. In the example, the number is 49. The point spread or winner of the game has no bearing on wagers bet on the total. This bet uses the same $11 to win $10 odds.

In a game where the favorite wins exactly by the point spread or the total falls on the over/under number, it is called a push. In a push on a straight bet, the money is refunded.

There is one more kind of individual bet on a football game. It is called a money line bet. For this bet, one just picks the winner of a game. There is no point spread involved. Instead of a point spread, the player bets using a money line. Teams with the minus money line (the 49ers -200 in the example) are the favorite. The amount of the minus is how much money one has to bet to win $100. For the example, a bettor would wager $200 on the 49ers to win $100. The plus on the money line (Chargers +170) is how much you win for every $100 bet. So for the example, a person would win $170 for every $100 bet if the Chargers won. Bettors don’t have to wager hundreds of dollars on the money line. The proportions are the same for smaller bets, $20 to win $10 on the 49ers and $10 to win $17 on the Chargers. Bettors don’t have to wager in hundreds of dollars on the money line. It’s just easier to explain using these numbers and it’s also the way we display the money line on the board. Another important point to remember is that the bettor gets their money back on a winning wager. If you bet $200 on the 49ers and they win. The payback is $300, your original wager of $200 plus the winnings, $100.

Football Parlays
A popular type of bet in football is the parlay. A parlay is picking several teams and combining them into one bet. A player may bet teams and/or totals in parlay. All the teams and/or totals in a parlay must cover the point spread in order for the parlay to be a winner. The Las Vegas Club has the highest off the board parlay odds in the world. Our payoffs are:
2 Teams      13/5
3 Teams      6 /1
4 Teams      13/1
5 Teams      26/1
6 Teams      45/1

As with all winning bets off the board, your bet is refunded in addition to your winnings.

Note: When betting off the board, pushes are considered no action in parlays. This means parlays containing pushes are reduced to the number of teams still having action. A two-team parlay with one push is reduced to a straight bet on the remaining game.

Football Teasers
Teasers are similar to parlays. The difference is the bettor “teases” the point spread up or down for each game in their bet. In the case of a favorite, the point would be subtracted from the point spread. In the case of an underdog, the points would be added. At the Las Vegas Club, we offer 6, 6½, and 7 point teasers. Teasing the point spreads increases the likelihood that your will win your wager. So in turn, the odds for winning a teaser bet are lower than parlay odds. Our football teaser payoffs are:
———6 Points       6½ Points        7 Points————-
2 Teams          10/12               10/13            10/14
3 Teams            9/5                   8/5                3/2
4 Teams            3/1                   5/2                2/1
5 Teams            9/2                  4/1                7/2
6 Teams            7/1                  6/1                 5/1

Note: Rules for pushes on teaser are the same for parlays except in one case. If a teaser is reduced to one team because of pushes, the wager is refunded. It doesn’t matter if the remaining team wins on the teaser or not.

Parlay cards
Instead of betting off the board, individuals may make wagers using parlay and teaser cards. Bets as small as two dollars can be made with one of our cards. Each week a new card is made with the games for the upcoming week.

Playing parlay cards is simple and fun. Bettors pick a number of teams ranging from three to fifteen depending on what type of card. The betting portion is located at the bottom of each card. Then you darken the number of teams in your parlay or teaser and the amount you wish to wager. You hand in this betting stub at the sports book and a betting ticket is issued.

Cards are conveniently located throughout the sports book and at the bars located within the casino.

Note: Parlay and teaser cards can have different pay outs than regular off the board wagers. Individual card rules and pay outs are listed on the back of each card. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with your card before wagering.

Betting Procedure
In order to get the teams and type of bet you desire follow this procedure at the betting window:

Specify type of bet (straight bet, parlay, etc.)
Identify team(s) by betting number*
Amount you wish to wager

*Betting numbers are located just to the left of every team. The home team is listed on the bottom unless otherwise specified.